Sunday, September 27, 2009

Vacation 2009: Day 0

Day zero of our vacation is supposed to be quite leisurely. The flight is in the afternoon, leaving us plenty of time to sleep in and finish packing. We play cards as usually with tt and rui on Friday night, go to bed at around 1:30, setting the alarm at 10 thinking we'll have plenty of time to sleep and pack.

Damn that guy named Murphy!

At 6am I wake up to the sound of a text message. No one but Pasha ever SMS me. But at this hour it can't be a living person. Only the cold-blooded machines at pingdom would do this to me, alerting me of a site issue. And a site issue it is, keeping me up till 6:30 and can't get back to sleep any more.

When we pull into the long-term parking lot at SFO I still feel sleepy, and that makes my tendency to get motion sickness 100x worse. 10 minutes later when we get off the shuttle bus I'm feeling nauseous and it doesn't get any better until we are 30 minutes in the air. Our flight has been delayed, and when we arrive in Denver we just have enough time to run across the hallway to catch our connecting flight boarding. The flight to Jackson is short, but the descend is bumpy and makes me nauseous again. Fortunately the view out of the window is fantastic and almost makes me forget about feeling sick. After we land I take several minutes to regain myself and by that time the line at the car rental counter is a mile long. Everyone ends up getting a big ass van, because that seems to be the only vehicle they have left, despite of different reservations people have made.

We check in our motel (the most expensive motel I've ever booked at $150 per night) at 9:30 and the only acceptable dining option we can find is a Japanese restaurant. The guy behind the bar is Chinese, and the food is neither Japanese nor Chinese. But we are not that picky after a long day with little food.

Tomorrow we need to get up early. The campsite we plan to spend tomorrow night in, Jenny Lake, is said to be super popular and fills up early, and it's first-come-first-serve.

The ridiculously expensive Anvil Motel.

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